Corporate responsability

Last updated on February 19th, 2021


Joma Sport is the leading sports company in Spain and one of the top sports brands recognised internationally, ranked in the Top 10 most successful sports companies in the world.

In order to keep improving and ensure our place amongst the top sportswear brands worldwide, in a constantly evolving, highly competitive market, JOMA SPORT SA relies on a fundamental brand strategy aimed at meeting all the needs, wants and expectations of both our current and future customers, because it is the customer who enables us to be where we are. JOMA SPORT SA undertakes to comply with all applicable requirements.

This policy will be assumed by the entire organisation through compliance with the following:

1. Daily challenge regarding customers of Joma Sport

To achieve complete customer satisfaction from both current and potential customers our consistent focus on customer service allows us to understand the needs, wants and expectations of our customer, in order to be able to offer the appropriate services and products and earn their continued trust.

2. Improvement is a path with no shortcuts

Successfully improving requires a joint effort from the entire JOMA SPORT team. Our daily work consists of knowing all there is to know about our customers, the market, product regulations and laws, the current state of product technology and innovation, and what our competition is offering. Additionally, if we make mistakes, we commit to doing everything in our power to learn from them and avoid repeating them.

3. The work of a great team always bears fruit

All JOMA SPORT staff are involved in this challenge and all ideas for improvement are always welcome. JOMA SPORT management encourages the professional growth of its team and their motivation, as well as promoting good communication both internally and with all our collaborators, who also contribute to helping us achieve our endeavours.

4. Quality as a team system

The challenge presented here will be organised in JOMA SPORT by establishing a quality management system that meets the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015. JOMA SPORT is committed to the continuous improvement of the aforementioned quality management system. It is the responsibility of management to implement and promote the system, but the efforts of the entire JOMA SPORT team are necessary to be able to carry it out.

Management undertakes to disclose, make understood and apply our policy to all levels of the organisation, including suppliers and third parties related to JOMA Sport (relevant stakeholders), and commits to complying with the established guidelines, being available to anyone who wishes to consult them.